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Wer wie die Millionen unbedarfter oder bewusst ignoranter und gläubig fideler Fleisch- und Milchverzehrer meint, in den Tier-Massenvernichtungsanstalten (Schlachthöfen) des Westens bzw. der sogen. zivilisierten Welt mit all ihren modernen Tierschutzgesetzen ginge der Weg der Opfer vom Leben in den Tod ordnungsgemäß nach Recht, Gesetz und „humanen“ Grundsätzen vonstatten, der irrt sich gewaltig. Immer und überall, wenn in Schlachthöfen verdeckt ermittelt wird, kommen eklatante Grausamkeiten ans Tageslicht, egal ob in China, Österreich, Libanon, Vietnam, Deutschland, Türkei, Frankreich, USA, Argentinien, Philippinen, Mexiko, Japan oder sonst wo. Schlachthöfe sind grundsätzlich absolut Empathie freie Zonen, in denen kein anderer als der blanke Horror in Menschengestalt regiert. Und keine Religionsgemeinschaft interessiert das. Es sind ja nur Tiere…

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These baby animals were stabbed, burned,

and tortured.
Please be their voice!


It was Paul McCartney who said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, the whole world would be vegetarian. Well, slaughterhouses don't have glass walls ... they have high walls and closed doors ... because the meat and dairy industries know that if the average person could see what's happening inside, they wouldn't support it.

And that's on a 'good' day.

But as we've just uncovered — when the rules are thrown out the window and when no one is watching, a slaughterhouse can be worse than a living nightmare for animals.

For the second time in three years Animals Australia has exposed shocking, systemic cruelty in one of Victoria's major abattoirs.

Among the most distressing sights are days-old dairy calves wandering through slaughter halls crying for their mothers. These babies were beaten, violently stabbed in the neck and face, and burned so badly by faulty equipment that smoke was billowing from their heads.

Other animals — including terrified sheep and cows — were forcibly held down as their throats were slashed.

I've stood inside more slaughterhouses than I care to remember. And there is always one thing that reverberates … fear. You can see it, you can smell it, you can feel it. Through their panic and distress animals communicate to us so clearly that they do not want to be harmed.

Please click here to help us give them the voice they deserve.

Be his voice

I won't lie. Everyone who has watched this footage has been deeply affected by it — from the journalists who helped expose this on TV last night, to the state's Chief Veterinary Officer. What is profoundly disturbing is that this systemic abuse of animals was not happening 'somewhere else' — in Kuwait, or Indonesia, or Vietnam — it was happening right here in Australia.

You would be absolutely justified in angrily asking, 'How could this happen?' And authorities must answer this. But perhaps the more important question is 'Why did this happen?'

The simple answer is that animals will always be at grave risk in places where compassion is quelled. Killing and compassion cannot co-exist in a slaughterhouse. But in the same way that an absence of compassion led to this dreadful suffering, so too can the presence of compassion change this world for animals.

When he uttered those now famous words, Paul McCartney knew this. He knew that if people could see inside these dark places, their compassion would ignite and inherited choices would be challenged.

So often I am asked how I cope with witnessing dreadful suffering. The answer is that I consciously turn that distress into determination to ensure that these animals do not suffer in vain. It is so important in moments like this to remember that we are anything but powerless. We can demand change. We can call those responsible to account. And most importantly, we can allow compassion to guide our choices.

Dr., you have been there for the animals before, and I know that you will be again. There are two powerful things you can do for animals right now. Please join me — click here to turn this moment into a catalyst for change.

Thank you so much,



Lyn White AM
Campaign Director

P.S. Please know that you can take action here without needing to see any distressing videos if you choose not to watch. Thank you so much for caring.



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