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Andere reden, Respektiere handelt!
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Die beiden Äffchen Pina und Suki
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Ist Vegetarismus ein Antinatalismus ... und ein praktischer Tierschutzfall
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Der Tierschützer und Künstler Werner Brenner
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Gemeinde feiert mit Halal-Gegrilltem
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Notruf von Die Katzeninsel e.V.
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Die Menschheit ist am Ende
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Große Ehre für Konrad Lorenz
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Manifest zu den Grundrechten der Tiere
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Grundthesen zur Jagd
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Frühjahrsmesse Kassel 2016
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Zwei Neuigkeiten
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Newsletter vom 11. 1. 2016 in Englisch Drucken E-Mail
Dear animal friends,
Science has predicted for half a century (with more and more urgency every year) that without determined and coordinated global counteracting according to the current growth forecasts more and more political, economic and ecological structures will partly or totally collapse. and crisis will escalate synergetically. We are threatened by a chaotic domino effect, a mega crisis.
Global conditions
The world population increases by 200.000 humans daily. Each person destroys during his life app. 20.000 animals on average and creates 200.000 kg waste additionally. For a living a person needs app. 18,000 square meters (incl. infrastructure, living space and agriculture), which sums up to 3,600,000,000 square meters per day that are taken from nature.
Knowledge, Education, culture dumbs down globally at the lowest level. Metaphysical delusions of several religions, fought out in awkward religious wars, replace insight and knowledge, man intellectually falls back behind the ancient world but is equipped with the technology of the 21st century, which he uses to destroy the remaining nature due to his narrow-mindedness. Thus he destroys his own living environment.
Reason has lost his its battle against metaphysical and intellectual mental enfeeblement of the masses. Lowest level of education, restriction of liberty, total surveillance and deprivation of the right for decision for the individual are the consequences.
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Die Ethik des Antinatalismus
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Mahnung zum Jahresbeginn 2016
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Der Grüne Sündenfall: Die einstmalige Ökopartei fordert Akzeptanz für Schächten
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Buchpaket zu Weihnachten – aus der EDITION GEGENSICHT
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